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What is Web Companion?

Currently, there are many programs and applications on the internet that claim to offer an optimization and protection service against web threats to users when they they actually only harm the team and steal information.

This is why internet users have to be extremely attentive to this kind of deceptive applications, as they could reach your device added to games or other programs, or you could reach download them without knowing what they really are.

One of these deceptive programs that could be negatively affecting the operation of your computer is Web Companion, this could have accidentally entered your computer Below you can learn more about this program.

What is Web Companion?

Its main function is to protect your device.

Before anything else, it is important to mention that Web Companion is not a computer virusIn fact, it is considered by many users as an unwanted program on the computer because it has the quality of being installed in the system in an unnoticed way.

In fact, the software defines itself as an antivirus assistant, however, it does have some features that no user would expect to see from a reliable antivirus program, which is why there really is no reason why you should keep it on your computer.

Web Companion works mostly in the most popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, however, this does not mean that it cannot work in other browsers as well.

This software is a free tool designed by the Lavasoft company, supposedly to protect users against malicious websites, unwanted advertisements, scams, among many others.

The most recent version of the program comes bundled with the popular Avast antivirus, commonly affecting individuals using Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems

Despite this, many antivirus programs detect Web Companion as a malicious program, however, the Lavasoft company explains that this it’s just a misinterpretation of the virus scanners, although many users are not sure.

Web Companion Features

Do not hesitate to download it, since this program has excellent functions.

The software for the supposed virtual security of users on the internet has a series of characteristics thanks to which it could be considered as a dangerous program for the integrity of our operating system.

  • Initially, this program continues to make use of an old internet extension known as HTTP for the vast majority of browsers in which it works, Google Chrome in particular, classifies it as not secure.
  • The users of this program have detected in the same way that this program run a browser hijack, because from the moment it is installed on the device, it automatically changes the search engine to Bing.

Likewise, if you manage to withdraw Bing, the program will continue to insist in an extremely annoying way For Bing to be chosen as the default search engine, this may be because Bing is one of Lavasoft’s main sponsors.

  • On the other hand, Web Companion has the ability to overcome the security of browsers, thus being able to sign the different web certificates that allow to partially compromise the security of the search engine.

In this way, web pages have the freedom to show ads and other annoying things to the user, something that is totally opposite of what a program like this should, do, being, in fact, precisely what you should avoid.

  • However, the biggest controversy regarding this program is that Lavasoft reserves the right to share your non-personal data with third parties, likewise, tIt also collects information about our computer.

Information ranging from the version of our operating system, the applications we have installed (including its version, origin and location) our IP, among others.

No doubt Web Companion has highly suspicious behaviors and characteristics Due to which, it should be eliminated instantly from any computer in which it is present, as it will give more inconveniences than solutions.

How can we remove Web Companion from our computer?

Obtaining it is extremely simple, you just have to perform the following procedure.

Statistics for the program show that nineteen percent of users who had Web Companion removed it from their devices, which is a surprisingly low percentage. considering how harmful this software can be.

  • However, the elimination of this program from your computer can be extremely simple from the section of “Control Panel” with its own uninstall option.
  • However, you must remember that next to Web Companion usually comes Bing, a program that must also be uninstalled, in addition, it is possible that other undesirable programs have also crept in with it.

Because of this, it is extremely important that check your computer very carefully looking for unknown or suspicious programs that could be causing problems on your device.

  • To uninstall Web Companion successfully, go to the taskbar on your computer and select the option “Beginning”, once the Start bar is displayed, you must look for the option “Control Panel”.
  • Once you have entered the Control Panel, go to the option “Programs and characteristics “When you open this option, you will be able to see a list of all the programs that are installed on your device at that moment.
  • Among these, you will be able to see Web Companion and perhaps some other parasitic program that has crept into your computer, when you have selected it, click on the option “Uninstall”.
  • Once you have followed these steps, Web Companion will have been successfully eradicated from your computer, along with the inconveniences that this causes.

In this way you can get rid of Web Companion, however, as previously mentioned, it is possible that this has come in the company of another malicious and unwanted program For this, it is recommended to install a malicious file detector.

Without a doubt, your computer will work much more efficiently without this annoying software on it. Therefore, if Web Companion is part of the programs installed on your computer, uninstall it as soon as possible.

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