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What is the Internet? ।। Internet Benefits ।। Internet Disadvantages

What is the Internet? The impact of the Internet in our daily lives.

The Internet is a computer-driven communication system that has Literally, the whole world has come into the hands of people. With this, people have advanced to a level where all the internet users around the world have become a society. Through this, a new door has been opened in the field of communication. At the same time, unimaginable success has come in the development of information technology. The Internet is the storehouse of the world’s inexhaustible store of knowledge.

In a realistic way, the Internet can be called a repository of information, from which people all over the world can get the data they need. But it is such a deposit that the information stays here forever. At the same time, the Internet basically plays four roles. It simultaneously acts as a network or activity, a medium, a market (the perimeter of the world), and a platform for transactions.

Net News: In this way, news can be accessed at any time through the internet.

E-Cash: The system of electronic money transactions through the internet is called an e-cash system.

Internet usage:

At present, the Internet has become an essential part of human life in a civilized society. Life is useless without the internet. Through this, information can be collected from anywhere in the world at the moment.

It is possible to get the necessary information, books, internet at any time for study, literary practice, or research. It has brought the library of knowledge into the hands of the people.

All the information required by the tourists is available through the internet. Hotel reservations, ticketing, all possible now with one click. It is also possible to seek the advice of a specialist doctor in a remote village through telemedicine services on the Internet. All the world-famous movie series can be seen sitting at home.

At present, the use of the Internet through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, etc. to establish friendships and communication has increased.

The Internet brings a new dimension to the expansion of business or commerce. E-banking, mobile banking, online shopping, etc. have given a new dimension. This is saving time and money. The Internet has also made newspapers and sports much easier.

Internet benefits:

The benefits of the internet can be divided into several parts. These are:

  1. World Wide Web,
  2. E-mail, Newsgroup,
  3. Telnet File Transfer.

Data on other computers can be read by WWW. Information can be exchanged with other computers via e-mail.

News: You can become a reader of daily newspapers published on the Internet through Newsgroup.

Data Transfer: Data can be exchanged with other Internet users by typing directly into the computer via Telnet.

File transfer: And through file transfer, files can be exchanged from one computer to another and files can be saved.

In a word, the Internet also acts like a diver in collecting pearls from the sea of ​​information in the world. Due to this widespread use of the Internet, the world today is getting closer to the Internet.

Internet Disadvantages:

Just as everything has its pros and cons, the Internet is no different. Through the Internet, some individuals engage in immoral activities such as giving false information, taking pornographic images, or gambling.

Some people create computer viruses and spread them on the Internet. As a result, millions of computers around the world are being damaged.

In 1988, a computer called the Internet Worm infected the University of California computer network and damaged thousands of computers.

A virus called ‘Cheranabil virus’ attacks millions of computers around the world by attacking it on a certain day of the year. Recently, a virus called ‘Lovebug’ has also caused huge damage.

A virus is a type of computer program that is capable of destroying the memory of another computer. Also, using the Internet, three thirteen-year-old students in the United States detonated a bomb planted in their school. Internet hackers can collect all the information of other computers through the Internet. As a result, a lot of secret information was leaked. A few days ago, an internet-based game called Blue Wheal forced millions of children and teenagers all over the world to commit suicide.

In a word, the people of the world are benefiting from the internet and are also facing various disadvantages. However, the Internet system cannot be blamed for this. Rather, it is necessary to ensure proper use.



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