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What is ATM? Different parts of ATM & Types of ATMs

What is an ATM? ( Different parts of ATM & Types of ATMs), What is ATM Full Form And ATM Some interesting facts about it We have today’s article about them.

What does ATM mean?

In modern times, almost everyone has a bank account.

And, having a bank account means you must have an ATM card to withdraw money from the bank.

Using ATM card, we can withdraw the money in our bank account from the ATM machine.

At present, we use ATMs for various purposes without withdrawing money.

For example, an ATM machine is used to send money from one’s own bank account to another’s bank account, to check the account statement, to check the account balance, to change the PIN of the ATM / debit card, etc.

We all use ATMs, but you know what? “What is the full form of ATM” ?

This question is asked in various tests and many people cannot answer this question due to not knowing the correct answer.

And so, through today’s article I am ATM এর full form And I’m going to talk about other information related to ATMs.

That’s it The full meaning of ATM Or Flower form Many people have a misconception about it.

Many people think that the full form of ATM is, “All Time Money “But it is their misconception.

Thus, ATMs are available in almost every country in the world, using which the public is getting the benefit of e-banking.

However, there are many countries where ATMs are known by other names.

For example, in Canada, ATM is also known as ABM (Automatic Banking Machine).

And in many other countries, the words Cash Point, Cash Machine, Mini Bank and “Hole in the wall” are also used.

However, what is the full name of ATM, the answer to this question is directly given below.

ATM Full Form

The full name of the ATM is, “Automated Teller Machine”.

If the words are broken down, it can be said that way.

A – Automated

T – Teller

M – Machine

However, the meaning or full name of the ATM mentioned above can only be said in the case of banking.

Thus, the term ATM can be used in many other cases besides banking.

Some other ATM flower forms

Let’s know about some other full forms of ATM.

  1. Air traffic Management (ATM).
  2. Asynchronous Transfer Mode (this is a telecommunication concept of this sector).
  3. Association of Teachers of Mathematics (a non-profit organization and registered charity in the UK).
  4. Malaysian Armed Forces.
  5. Altamira Airport (it is an airport located in Altamira, Brazil).

What is ATM?

An ATM is an electronic telecommunications device used for financial transactions.

For example, cash withdrawals, deposits, fund transfers, account statement viewing, etc. are used to do various other types of banking related work.

The use of this type of machine has made the banking process much easier and simpler.

This is because the ATM machine is fully automatic and does not require any kind of conversation with the employees of the bank to avail the banking services.

So to put it bluntly, ATM is an electronic banking outlet through which customers can easily do some basic transactions related to their bank account without visiting the bank / branch.

In order to do banking transactions through ATM machine, a special type of plastic card has to be used.

These plastic cards are known as ATM cards, debit cards or credit cards.

A magnetic strip is placed on the card where the user’s information is encoded.

And whenever the magnetic strip of this plastic card moves about the ATM machine, the information of the user’s bank account is shown on the ATM screen.

However, you have to enter the secret PIN code linked to your card so that you can start transactions.

Full form of ATM – Full form of ATM

Let us know directly what the full name of ATM will be in Bengali.

  • A – Automatic
  • T – Taylor
  • M – machine

What are the different parts of ATM?

MT ATM machine is mainly equipped with two types of equipment.

  1. Input device
  2. Output device

Definitely read on – What are input and output devices?

The input devices are

Card reader – There is a hardware called card reader in the ATM machine which reads the data of the card through the Magnetic Strip in your ATM card.

The user data received through the ATM card is sent back to the bank’s server for verification.

This time, banking transactions are allowed based on the information associated with the user account and the orders received by the user.

Keypad – In the ATM machine we see a small keyboard or keypad where some buttons are given. And using those buttons we instruct the ATM machine.

For example, giving us the PIN of the ATM card, how much money to withdraw and cancel, clear, enter, etc. input.

The output devices are

Display / screen – There must be a display or screen in the ATM machine where the outputs are displayed as opposed to the inputs given by us.

For example, to show the information related to the bank account, the process required for giving instructions has to be done by looking here.

Speaker – You can see a speaker in most ATM machines. Audio feedback is given through the speaker when we do any transaction or transaction through ATM.

Cash dispenser – It is the most important hardware or output device of an ATM machine. It is used in the case of cash withdrawal.

Receipt printer – It comes out through a slip of paper related to the transaction done in the ATM machine where the time, date, amount of money withdrawn, place etc. of the transaction will be given.

Types of ATMs – Different types of ATMs

Let us know about the different types of ATMs below.

Online ATM – It is a type of ATM that is connected to the bank’s server 24 hours a day. Here you can withdraw the money in your bank account.

Offline ATM – These types of ATMs are not connected to the bank’s database. You can withdraw extra money from your bank account. However, the bank takes some fines from you.

On Site ATM – These are the type of ATM machines that are in the same place with the bank branch.

Off Site ATM – Outside the bank institution where only the bank’s ATM machine is there but the bank’s branch is not there, such ATMs are called off site ATMs.

White Label ATM – ATMs set up by any Non-Banking Financial Companies are called white label ATMs.

Yellow Label ATM – These are some of the ATM machines that are provided for e-commerce or online purchase.

Orange Label ATM – This type of ATM service is provided for conducting share transactions.

Pink Label ATM – These types of ATMs are provided for women only.

Green Label ATM – This type of ATM is provided for agricultural transactions.

What do we know today?

So friends, through today’s article we What is the full meaning of ATM And What is an ATM? I found out about this.

Besides, we got to know a lot of other information about ATMs.

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