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Uses Of Mobile Phones In Daily Life ll Importance Benefits And Use

Uses Of Mobile Phones In Daily Life: When it comes to the benefits of mobile phones, we all know that mobile phones or smartphones have become a very important thing in our lives.

Importance, uses and advantages of mobile phone.

Everyone is using mobile phones today and mobile phones are being used in various fields like entertainment, work, communication, socialization etc.

Nowadays, people can’t imagine their lives without a smartphone.

However, in the past there were small mobiles through which only voice calls, SMS etc. could be done.

But nowadays, mobile phone refers to those powerful smartphone devices which are as powerful as a computer and which can do a lot of things like multitasking, multimedia, internet, processing, video chatting etc. that could not be imagined.

I would not be wrong in saying that mobile phones have made our lives much easier, simpler and straightforward today.

Because, we can do any work at any time through our mobile.

The list goes on and on about the benefits of using a mobile phone.

And because of this huge list, the importance of mobile phones in our daily lives is increasing.

So, below we know directly what are the benefits, advantages and importance of mobile phone.

The importance, benefits and uses of mobile phones

In the past, it was important to use a computer device or laptop to do any work or to use the Internet.

However, modern mobile phones today use technology that allows us to easily perform a variety of tasks, such as computers, along with voice calling through mobile phones.

And this is the reason why the importance of a mobile phone in our life is much more.

Besides, no one could have imagined that communication through mobile would become so easy and straightforward 20 years ago.

If you are also using a mobile phone, then spend a day without that mobile.

You can easily understand how important that mobile is in your life.

Whatever it is, if you look at the uses and benefits of mobile phones below, you can understand how important mobile is in our lives.

Uses Of Mobile Phones In Daily Life ll Importance Benefits And Use
Uses Of Mobile Phones In Daily Life ll Importance Benefits And Use

The Uses Of Mobile Phones In Daily Life Importance Benefits LIST

  1. Means of communication
  2. Small and convenient
  3. Photos and videos
  4. GPS
  5. Entertainment
  6. Multitasking
  7. Gaming
  8. Internet
  9. Video calling
  10. Mobile banking
  11. Flash light
  12. Text and notes
  13. Live TV
  14. Education and research
  15. Income with mobile
  16. Apps
  17. Online shopping
  18. Recharge and bill payment
  19. Remote working
  20. News

Below, we know in detail about each of the uses or benefits of mobile.

Means of communication

The first and foremost use of mobile phones is, “It’s a great means of communication.”

This allows us to instantly communicate with our friends, loved ones, family members, colleagues or almost everyone from anywhere in the world.

However, now using modern mobiles, we communicate through voice calling as well as live video calling.

So, it is possible to connect by watching a video of a person or loved one who is far away from you.

Small and convenient

The size of a mobile phone is much smaller and so we each carry it in our mobile pocket or hand.

Mobile phones can be easily kept in our pocket or bag.

Therefore, it is possible to use your mobile phone at any time as needed.

In addition, the mobile has a rechargeable battery and so you can use it for a long time if you charge it well from home.

Of course, if your mobile phone’s battery is depleted or depleted, it is possible to recharge your mobile phone’s battery with a data cable or charger from your car, bike or any electrical outlet.

Photos and videos

Nowadays, taking beautiful pictures and recording videos has become a very important part of each of our lives.

Because, with a smartphone, we can capture beautiful pictures and videos as clear and high quality as a DSLR camera.

So, today our mobile phones are enough for professionals to take beautiful pictures and record videos.

Also, after taking a picture or video, it is possible to share it with other people through email, messaging, Bluetooth or internet.

Apart from this, mobile can also be used for professional editing of photos and videos.

In fact, modern smartphones have such a great camera quality that people today have forgotten what a digital camera is.


Nowadays GPS facility has been provided in every mobile.

And with this GPS we can find any place, road, hotel, building etc. from our mobile.

There are some great apps like mobile maps in mobile that help to find location or road through GPS.

So, if you have a smartphone, you will never get lost in a new place.

You can find any place, road, building, etc. from anywhere using the Mobile Maps (MAP) application.


Nowadays a smartphone is mainly used for entertainment.

Today’s mobiles are 5 inches to 6 inches big and full HD screen in which the fun of watching videos or movies is different.

Now you don’t have to run a DVD player, computer or laptop to watch a movie like before.

We can view everything at any time on our mobile phone.

Apart from watching videos and movies, we are also entertained by mobile in various ways like high graphics gaming, listening to music, live video streaming, online chatting, making friends through internet etc.


Today’s mobile phone technology is so advanced and modern that a mobile is as powerful as a computer.

So, the things that we used to do on the computer today can also be done through mobile devices.

Like computers, today’s mobiles have a stronger processor, more RAM, more internal storage space and a graphics processing unit.

And as a result, we can do complex things through our mobile as well as do multiple things at once.

For example, watching videos, texting, listening to music, using the internet, one day we can use the applications together, etc.


Gone are the days when good high graphics games could only be played on a computer or laptop.

Because, today’s smartphones are so powerful that it is possible to play great graphics games through them.

Today, everyone from young to old can play heavy graphics games on their mobile phones.

And if I’m not mistaken, then many modern mobile devices are being launched focusing on gaming performance.

Never before has it been possible to get such a modern and advanced gaming performance with just one mobile.

So, if you like to play games, you should not buy a separate computer or laptop for gaming.


A few years ago, the word internet could not be imagined without computers and laptops.

Because, in the past, the use of internet was possible only with a computer or laptop.

But today we are able to stay connected to the internet 24 hours a day through our mobile.

Making friends through online social media, chatting with new people, shopping online, doing business online, video calling, chatting, watching videos online, we are all doing it through our mobiles.

Nowadays, through mobile internet, we are able to play various online multiplayer games at home and with friends.

Video calling

Nowadays mobiles are provided with two front and back cameras.

And with this front camera we get help with video calling.

Earlier, it was possible to do only voice calling and text SMS on mobiles.

But today we are able to talk through video chatting with loved ones by making live video calling from mobile.

Mobile banking

If you have a mobile phone, you can do almost every banking transaction through mobile banking at home without going to the bank.

Today it is possible to send money from bank, accept money, apply NEFT, debit card, check book through mobile.

Think about how much time you can save yourself using a mobile device.

How much time would you have wasted to go to the bank and do the work, but through mobile banking you are doing everything sitting at home or in the office.

Flash light

It’s a very common thing to see, although at times this simple thing comes in handy.

In the past, we used to need a separate flashlight to walk in the dark.

But now almost every mobile phone has the benefit of flashlight which helps you to find something in the dark or on a dark road.

As a result of having a torch light in the mobile, there is no need to adulterate the torch separately.

Text and notes

Mobile nowadays has a variety of different word and text processing applications through which we can do different types of writing work.

For example, making urgent calculations, making lists, making notes, writing articles, editing or creating Excel or Word files, etc.

You can edit urgent presentations, excel or word files from your mobile anywhere.

So, the importance of a mobile device can be said to be much more in the case of business or office work.

Live TV

Not to mention this when we talk about the benefits of mobile phones.

Because, nowadays our smartphone has become our TV.

Today I can watch almost every TV channel live on your mobile.

Because the screen size of mobile is very big and HD, watching TV from any place through mobile is a very small matter today.

Education and research

It is a well-known fact that mobile phones are used extensively for learning or researching new things.

Today, to learn any new thing, we learn it by watching videos or articles on our mobile or we have knowledge about it.

A lot of information is being collected using mobile and internet for researching new topics.

Nowadays, online classes are being taught in schools and colleges through video calling on mobiles.

In some places outside the online class, exams are being given and taken through mobile.

So, mobile phone has become a very important device or thing for children nowadays.

Income with mobile

A mobile phone must be used when it comes to earning money at home.

There are many people who are earning money by using different types of mobile apps.

Besides, earning money from YouTube by working on mobile, earning income by blogging, working on captcha entry etc. Many people are earning money by doing a lot of online work with mobile.

So, at present, a mobile phone has a lot of role in earning part-time money.


Today we can do all kinds of things through a mobile just like a computer or laptop.

And we can use different apps on mobile to do every different kind of work.

Today, almost every task can be done through mobile by installing just one application on mobile.

There is an app for doing almost any job like video editing, voice recording, accounting, screen recording etc.

So, in this case also the importance of mobile is much higher because we can easily do various kinds of urgent work from mobile.

Online shopping

Today, people prefer to shop online at home rather than shopping at the market.

Thus, in the case of online shopping, the Internet is mainly used, although in this case, the role of mobile is but a lot.

Whenever we want to buy something online, we first search for that thing in our mobile internet browser.

Also, we do everything from ordering to delivery tracking from our mobile.

Therefore, the use of a mobile phone is very important when shopping online.

Recharge and bill payment

The days before when we had to go to the shops to recharge our mobiles, DTH, etc. are no more.

Now you can do things like mobile recharge and bill payment from your mobile in no time.

Not only mobile or DTH, but electricity bills, water bills, different types of payments we can do very easily from our mobile today.

So, the importance of mobile at the present time but much more when we get these kinds of benefits by mobile.

Remote working

As I said before, today’s mobile devices are as powerful as a computer or laptop.

Because, today’s smartphones also use powerful processor, RAM, storage and GPU like computer.

And so, today it has become possible to do many complex and heavy tasks from your mobile device.

In this case, many people can do their work remotely from outside the office or from their home or any other place through mobile.


If you have a habit of waking up in the morning or reading the latest news in the afternoon, then mobile will come in handy.

Because, nowadays, if you want to get the latest news, you can know the news through your mobile anytime.

Live news channel, YouTube, news website, news apps, etc., the latest news around the world is in front of you.

Our last word,

So friends, today we know the importance, benefits and uses of mobile phones in daily life.

Thus, modern mobile phones have a lot of advantages and benefits.

I just told you about some of the urgent uses and benefits.

Today’s article, “importance of mobile phone“, if you like it,

Then you must share the article.

Also, if you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, please let us know in the comments below.



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