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TV Buying Guide II What are the things to check before buying a new smart TV?

TV Buying Guide: What are the things to check before buying a smart TV? What to see? We are going to discuss each topic below.

Smart tv buying guide

At present almost everyone has a smart TV in their house.

And those who are currently thinking of buying a new TV are definitely buying a smart TV.

There are a lot of smart TVs in the market nowadays.

Each company has a different model of smart TV and each model has different features, functions and benefits.

So, which company’s smart TV is better? Which one to take? Etc. Different types of questions may come to your mind.

In this case, when you are going to buy a new smart TV, you need to know some common things beforehand.

After all, buying a good smart TV can never be profitable.

Remember, if you go to the store to buy a TV, the store owner will try to sell the TV to you based on his own profit.

So, you need to know the rules to check which is the best smart TV at the right price.

So let’s go, below we don’t know all the tips and rules that you need to know before buying a smart TV.

What to keep in mind before buying TV Buying Guide For a smart TV?

If you are looking for a new and good smart tv in the market, but if you do not have any knowledge about the new technology, then you can have a lot of problems in buying a TV.

So, if you read today’s article well, you will be able to make the right diagnosis when buying a smart tv.

You will get smart TV in the market with different prices and different features.

However, in order to buy a best TV at the right price, you have to check a lot of things.

Nowadays, there is great competition among every company with smart TV.

And this is the reason why different companies have brought good quality TVs in the market at much lower prices.

So, you must have options of different smart TV companies and models.

1. Which brand of TV is better?

You see, in the market you will see a lot of different brands of TV.

However, it is not possible to say which brand’s TV is good or bad.

However, I would recommend some of the popular TV brands so that you buy a TV.

Because, any brand gets more popularity only when the service, product quality and features of that brand are much better.

So there are many popular TV companies in the market that you can go with.

For example, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, MI, Redmi, Nokia, Sony etc.

Also, by looking at the reviews of different companies on the internet, you can know whether the company is good or bad.

There are a lot of new companies coming out at the present time who are launching LED smart TVs at much lower prices.

However, before you buy a TV from a new company, you must watch the online reviews and see if the company has a service center in your city.

2. Display

The most important thing when talking about a TV is the display.

The display of your TV depends only on what kind of display TV you bought.

Remember, the displays on different TVs may be different.

The display type is associated with the technology by which pictures are produced on the TV screen.

So, the better the display quality of your TV, the clearer, clearer and more interesting the pictures will be shown.

At present there are 3 different types of display types.

In all three cases, the LED technique is used, but the picture and image quality created by them are different.

However, the price of the TV is more or less the same as the quality of the LED, OLED or QLED display.

Most LED TVs provide good picture quality within a budget.

However, if you want high quality cinematic picture quality then you can go with OLED or QLED TV.

Because, QLED and OLED are better than LED display in terms of picture quality, higher brightness, best viewing angle.

So, before buying a TV, make sure that you have a display type on your TV.

3. IPS vs non-IPS display

IPS display is a little more expensive, although its display quality, viewing angles, colors are better.

Thus, IPS displays are very interesting and clear to see.

If you are worried about the viewing angle of the TV then IPS display will be good for you.

Because, in this case you will get the benefit of better viewing angle as well as better color delivery.

However, non-IPS display panels are used to keep the price of the TV low.

So, you can see non-IPS display panel in most budget smart TVs.

And remember, non-IPS display panels are not as good as IPS display panels with relatively good color delivery and viewing angles.

So, if you are thinking of buying a smart TV, then I would suggest you to buy a TV with IPS display.

4. Display view angle

I have already told you a bit about the display view angle.

You see, when it comes to buying a good smart TV within the budget, you are shown different TV models in the market.

However, every budget smart TV has different features, functions and options.

And the name of such an important feature is Display view angle.

If the viewing angle of your TV will be low or not high quality, but if you watch from every side of the TV, you will not be able to see the image or picture clearly.

Darkness will feel dark when you donate or watch TV from the left side.

Basically, you can see the picture brightness and image colors clearly by watching TV directly from the TV.

So, if you have more or less quality viewing angel, you will see dark when you watch TV from the corner.

In this case, whenever you go to buy a TV, run the model of that TV and look at it in a corner first.

If the picture, brightness and image of the TV can be clearly seen and understood from every corner of the top-bottom and right-left, then that TV has a good quality viewing angle.

5. Android smart Tv

Now to say smart TV in the market you will see basically two types of smart TV.

For example, a simple smart tv and an Android smart tv.

Ordinary smart TVs Linux Of Operating system And only a few selected apps are installed on them.

Apart from the apps and services provided by the company, you will not be able to install any other type of apps on these ordinary TVs from outside.

However, an Android smart TV works perfectly like an Android mobile.

This kind of LED smart TV You can download and install any of the apps from the Google play store.

You can enjoy watching TV by downloading various social media apps, online streaming apps etc.

So, nowadays everyone prefers Android Smart TV to say Smart TV. Because it has a lot of benefits.

When you go to the store to buy a TV, of course, who is the shopkeeper Android Smart TV Make it clear what to show.

In this case, you will be provided with a simple smart TV at a higher price.

6. Features

It is very important to have some important features in a smart TV and a budget smart TV will have these.

See if your TV has an HDMI port, and if so, how many.

After HDMI, you can connect multiple screens with your TV.

Also, if you ever want to connect the TV to your computer (PC) and use it as a monitor, you will need an HDMI port.

See if the TV has slots to connect the pen-drive or external hard drive.

With it, you can watch movies or songs on your TV through your pen-drive or external hard disk.

Also, if your TV has a Bluetooth feature, it will come in handy Bluetooth In case of connecting the devices to the TV.

Also, without cable or DTH connection so that you can watch a lot of movies, series, videos, etc. See if there are any important inbuild apps.

For example, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar, Zee5, Jio Cinema, Youtube etc.

Also some other features like,

  • Thin Bezels
  • Bluetooth Remote
  • Voice search with Google Assistant
  • Headphone Jack
  • Analog Audio Input
  • Built In Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet
  • Stereo Sound

Etc. It is better to have some basic features like this.

7. Sound quality

Any smart TV has a sound system so that the sound along with the picture can be heard from that TV.

In this case, you need to see the sound quality of the smart TV you are thinking of buying in advance.

If the speaker in the TV is on the back, then of course you will not get good sound from that TV.

Also, many smart TVs have speakers at the bottom of the TV but at the front, which is why these types of TVs provide better sound.

Remember, the more watts the speaker has, the more and better sound can be obtained from that speaker.

So try to buy a TV that has a speaker output of at least 20 to 30 watts.

In addition, if you have a stereo surround sound, it will make you feel better.

8. Online research

Whenever the shopkeeper shows you a model of a smart TV, you have to look at the online review of that TV.

Because, online you will be able to know about all the features and functions associated with that TV.

Also, looking at the reviews or opinions given by people about the display quality and sound of the TV, you will know whether the shopkeeper is showing you a good TV model or not.

In addition, you can go to various online e-commerce websites to see the current price of the TV.

In this way, if you look at the price of the TV model online, you will understand that the shopkeeper is not cheating you by charging more than you.

Nowadays, there are many online review websites and YouTube channels where you can go and watch the review prices of any TV instantly.

So, be sure to check the reviews, customer reviews and prices of the TV models that the shopkeeper is showing you online.

Our last word,

So friends, what do you need to see before buying a good smart TV? What are the things you need to know? I told you about each of those.

See, there are different types of good and bad TVs available from different companies in Mazar.

So, the shopkeeper will always try to sell what is more profitable for him.

In this case, you need to check the poles and try to buy the best TV.

Because, you can’t always buy a TV with so much money.

So, if you like our today’s article, you must share the article.

Also, if you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, please let us know in the comments below.



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