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The oldest woman in the world

The oldest woman in the world: A Russian mathematician, who has been studying the life of the old woman for years, is convinced that the woman was actually his daughter, who took her identity to achieve the record

Jeanne Calment went down in history as the oldest woman in the world. She passed away in 1997 at the age of 122 years and 164 days, a figure that no one has managed to match since.

However, we could be facing a full-blown fraud and the old woman could not have even turned 100 years old.

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The oldest woman in the world 2021

The oldest woman in the world 2021: A Russian mathematician, Nikolai Zak, has spent months studying the life of this century-old French woman. In statements collected by Metro, Nikolai assures that when analyzing the materials found.

he concluded that “Jeanne Calment’s daughter, Yvonne, assumed the identity of her mother.” If true, the woman who died in 1997 was Yvonne and ‘only’ would have been 99 years old.

Zak, a naturalist and fellow at Moscow State University, recently published his report. He called it “Jeanne Calment: The Secret of Longevity,” and it is based on a theory that dates back almost a century.

Yvonne officially died in 1934 from a problem of inflammation of the pleura. But, according to the Russian mathematician, who died on that date was really her mother, Jeanne Calment.

Zak’s theory assures that Ivonne did it to avoid paying inheritance taxes and is based on the physical differences in Calment’s identity card in the 1930s and the reappearance of her decades later.

In theory she would have dark eyes and measure 1.52, something that does not correspond to the characteristics of her shown years after her.

Other experts support you

Valery Novoselov, a doctor specializing in aging, says that “as a doctor, I always had doubts about her age. The state of her muscular system was different from that of her contemporaries.

She could sit without any support nor did she have signs of dementia ”. The fact that Calment asked to burn her photos of her young when she was old only serves to fuel the controversy.

Jeanne Calment’s body could even be exhumed if more support for the investigation is gathered. In fact.

Scientists regretted in 1997 that an autopsy was not carried out on the corpse trying to find some reason to explain a longevity never seen in any human being.

It was common to hear Jeanne Calment joke about her addiction to chocolate and port wine, but she also recognized that she occasionally smoked a cigarette.



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