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The foundation of mathematics or the fear of mathematics? You decide

Mathematics, this name seems to be associated with love and fear together. For those who understand mathematics, his life is not as blessed as it is, this is unbearable for him. Why is that? Why does math fear work in the minds of many despite being proficient in other areas of life? Let’s see what the experts think about this.

Prof. Sandeep Dey and Dr. Priyadarshi Majumder of the Department of Electronic Science, Rashtraguru Surendranath College, Barrackpore and CNCB, Jagatsinghpur, Orissa. According to Dr. Shuvendu Panda, Professor of Physics, Academy of Sciences and Technology, the foundation of mathematics is formed or has to be formed from an early age. Mathematical intelligence and logical analysis ability need to be practiced from an early age. The child needs to be encouraged in mathematics from an early age and in this case if he can be shown various mathematical experiments by hand instead of just theoretical knowledge, he will be able to do it slowly. Would be interested.

However, according to some scientists, some genetic traits are also responsible for mathematical ability. According to the current syllabus, math lessons are compulsory up to a certain class. There are serious reasons behind this. If you don’t have an idea of ​​the basic lessons of mathematics, you have to push step by step in the way of life. So it is important for everyone. At the next stage, it is natural that only willing and proficient students will study the subject.

In addition to basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc., for the survival of a common man, there must be a clear idea about the application of arithmetic, geometry, dimension to solve practical or social problems. It doesn’t take much talent to understand these things, but it is important to practice the curriculum at the right time from an early age. Own income, expenses, savings account, bank work, daily market or other shopping – just like arithmetic education is used in such diary, just like house, land sale or repair such work requires natural knowledge of geometry and dimension. You may not be able to master math properly due to lack of opportunity or guidance. What’s in it? While you are experimenting with your child, do the math and love math.

Take three empty pots of different sizes, fill the other two with water except the largest. Now pour the water from those two pots into the big pot, this is the sum of the diameter. If the ground area of ​​the pots is equal and you cut some spots at a certain distance along the height, then you can also find out the value of the sum with this test. Now pour the water from the big pot into any one small pot. The excess water that remains in the container is the corresponding subtraction result. To test for multiplication or division, take a large pot and many small pots of exactly the same size. Leave the big pot empty and fill the small ones up to the mouth. Now pour all the water from the pot into the big pot. This means that the volume of a small container, multiplied by the number of small containers, is equal to the size of the water in the large container up to the spot.

Want to teach sharing? Then after the test that you did to find the product, pour some more extra water in the big pot. Now pour the water in that pot again into small pots of equal size. Diameter, as many small vessels as there were this time, is quotient. And the excess water left in the big pot – that’s all.

Measure the area of ​​the four walls of your room with your child to create a beautiful idea of ​​geometry. Subtract the area of ​​doors and windows from the area of ​​rectangular walls. Only then will you get the right size of wall. Usually the cost of plastering or painting the walls is as per square feet. So you can calculate the cost yourself. Once you know the size of a brick and the radius of your wall, this method allows you to calculate for yourself how many bricks it takes to build your house.

With such a simple test, remove the child’s math-fear and build the foundation of his math.



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