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iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6 ▷ Price, Battery, Security, Connectivity, Speed

If you are a loyal Apple user who likes to be aware of all the news that it brings to us, it is convenient that you know the comparison that exists between their iPhone devices.

If you already have an iPhone 5, but have seen the iPhone 6 and are wondering if it is really worth buying, that doubt will be clarified today with this article. Because we will give you an iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6 comparison.

Next, We will give you a clear explanation of the changes that each of them have and the characteristics they present in different very detailed and specific aspects.

IPhone 5 vs iPhone 6

Now, we will give you in this section some generalized data on the differences that exist between iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6. We will divide it into different sections so that you have a very detailed comparison.

The price

It will seem very obvious, but iPhone 5 is the lowest priced, finding it on Amazon for an approximate price of 113 $. Instead, The iPhone 6 has a small increase in that price of $ 165.

However, if we start to compare well, it is a very minimal difference that exists from one price to another, any of these being just as accessible by its users.


The processor speed provided by both devices has certain changes, which are also considered a bit small. In the iPhone 5 we have that we can obtain a processor speed of 2 x 1.3 GHz.

On the other hand, if we talk about the processor that provides us the iPhone 6, there is not a very noticeable change, we have a speed of 2 x 1.4 GHz. However, this small change could be beneficial to many.

The iPhone processor is considered to be 7.69% more powerful 6 compared to its old model.

However, if we talk about the clock speed of the GPU processor, better known as the Graphics Processing Unit, it is much higher on the iPhone 6, being this way:

  • For iPhone 5 we have 266 MHz.
  • And for the iPhone 6 we have 450 MHz.

Now, when we refer to the download speed, we have the iPhone has a higher speed compared to iPhone 5, being 1.5x faster, corresponding like this:

  • For the iPhone 5 we have a download speed of 100 MBits/s.
  • And for the iPhone 6 we have a speed of 150 MBits/s in downloads.

And the loading speed that both devices have is the same, thus remaining that the last model did not have anything new to offer in this regard. Remaining with 50 MBits / s for both.


This characteristic is also not seen with a great modification between the comparison iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6, because the change in the duration of the, but the power it has is not much.

It is estimated to be approximately one 25% more power in the iPhone 6: iPhone 5 ratio. Taking the iPhone 5 the battery is 1440 mAh and for the iPhone 6 it is 1810 mAh.

Notably, neither has a removable battery as we have it in other devices from other industries. As well as we will not have the possibility of charging it wirelessly.

FM Radio?

We have seen many mobile devices have an FM radio incorporated among their functions, but this is not the case with Apple devices, neither model contains this function.


As for DLNA connectivity in a comparison iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6, we have none. This is what allows devices connect to a network and data can be transferred between them.

Nevertheless, The iPhone 6 has something that the other model does not have, and it is NFC connectivity, which refers to near field communication where we can carry out different transactions without the need to connect a cable.

The iPhone 6 has a much faster Wi-Fi connection than the previous model, having 802.11ac connectivity for the first one.


Fortunately, both mobile devices have the fingerprint scanner system, this being one of the ways to identify yourself as a user of your iPhone.


The number of microphones offered by both mobile devices is the same, they both have 3 microphones that help to a large extent to improve the quality of the sound, in addition to allowing you to filter the background sounds when using it.

Besides this, the space occupied by the volume on the device is significantly reduced on the iPhone 6 (almost 13%), where before it was 55.14 cm3 and it was 63.84 cm3.

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6 size

In the size you can see a big difference between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 6.

As for a comparison between iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6 in its screen size, we have a notable difference between the two. Being the largest iPhone 6 between the two. The sizes are these:

  • For the iPhone 5 we have a screen of only 4 inches.
  • On the other hand, for the iPhone 6 we will have a screen of up to 4.7 inch.

Regarding its resolution, there are also some very notable changes between the two, such as:

  • For the iPhone 5 we have a screen resolution of only 640 x 1136 pixels.
  • While for the iPhone 6 we will have a very good resolution of the screen of 750 x 1334 pixels.

In addition to this, it is known that both cell phones include the option of having three sub-pixels for each pixel on the screen; Thanks to this, we will have a much sharper and more defined resolution in the images you have on the iPhone.

The pixel density of the two devices is exactly the same, being for both of 326 ppi. In addition to this, it is important to note that for none of these Apple models we have a glass screen that is resistant to any damage from scratches or small attacks of violence.

Regarding the weight of both, it is something that is also noted, being iPhone 6 much lighter than iPhone 5, corresponding to the weight of each as follows:

  • For the iPhone 5 we see that it has a weight of about 129 grams.
  • On the other hand, the iPhone 6 has a weight of 17 grams less than the previous one, remaining in 112 grams.

The thickness is another characteristic that we must highlight between the two, because iPhone 6 has been 0.7 mm much thinner than iPhone 5, being represented in this way:

  • IPhone 5 has a thickness of 6 mm.
  • While the iPhone 6 has a thickness of only 9 mm.

Something that may be insignificant for many, but it is that Apple has been reducing the thickness between all the models that it launches every year. This being a change that goes little by little.

Regarding how narrow both mobile devices are, we have to iPhone 6 is much narrower than iPhone 5, being this way:

  • 6 mm wide for iPhone 5.
  • AND 67 mm wide for iPhone 6.

And taking into account the height of both, we see that the iPhone 6 is much shorter than its opponent. Being this way 123.8 mm tall for iPhone 5 and 138.1 mm tall for the other.

Besides this, neither of the two Apple models have the water resistance nor the sudden anti-dust. Notably, both have the IPS panel, which refers to a technology that LCD screens have.

This is to solve all the problems that were presented by the limitations in the normal matrices, being much faster the response time, a better color reproduction, among other benefits.

Notably, these two also come bundled with a backlight sensor, better known as BSI. Providing better quality and sharpness in images.

Besides this, the iPhone 6 allows the exposure to be set manually, unlike the iPhone 5 which does not allow it.

The semiconductors that both devices have are different, being slightly smaller on iPhone 6, presented like this:

  • The iPhone 5 is 32nm.
  • And the iPhone 6 is 20 nm.

IPhone 5 vs iPhone 6 camera

If we make the comparison of iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6 in terms of the camera they have, there is no difference that is noticeable, because have the same resolution as the photos.

Both devices can capture photos with the rear camera with a resolution of 8 Megapixels, being something very low to be compared with other high-end cell phones.

However, it does not take away from the fact that very good pictures can be taken with both Apple devices. As if we touched on the subject of the front camera, it is exactly the same 1.2 megapixel resolution for both.

Regarding the recording of videos in the rear camera, it shows a little difference between both resolutions, however, it is something a little insignificant, being represented in this way:

  • For iPhone 5 a resolution of 1080 x 30 fps.
  • While for the iPhone 6 we have one of 1080 x 60 fps.

Another thing that also changes between both models is the possibility of having a double LED flash, something that is only possible with the iPhone 6, having the possibility of graduating the temperatures of the colors and having a higher quality in the photos.

In addition to this, in The iPhone 5 we have a button that is dedicated exclusively to the camera to take photos with this one, something that the superior model does not have, the iPhone 6.

When movies are recorded, both have continuous autofocus, which allows you to record videos while maintaining the same definition and focus at all times.

One point against both devices is that do not have two-stage shutters, which helps us when taking photos as if it were a professional allowing the pressure, focus and adequate capture for this.

However, one point in favor is that both devices have the ability to record videos that are in slow motion, However, in The iPhone 5 must have the operating system iOS 7.0 to enjoy this function.

Another thing that also remains from the iPhone 5 is that it does not have the automatic focus that the iPhone 6 has, which helps you when taking pictures by phase detection.

And as the last data in this aspect in the comparison iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6 we have that in the iPhone 6 includes the shooting mode that the iPhone 5 did not have, which allows you to take multiple photos at the same time.

IPhone 5 vs iPhone 6 space

Regarding the space in this comparison iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6 there is not much difference between these two, especially if we focus on the RAM of both devices.

These two iPhone devices have 1 gigabyte RAM. Being considered, nowadays, as a low-end cell phone, due to the multiple technological advances that have been coming out.

Notably, For none of the devices, like all Apple devices, you will have the possibility of inserting an SD card to extend the internal memory, so you will have to settle for the one that includes the cell phone.

And speaking of this, another thing that we must highlight is the difference in the storage space that both have, being in this way distributed between the two devices:

  • For the iPhone 5 we have that the internal storage capacity reaches up to 64 GB.
  • While for the iPhone 6 the internal storage capacity has 64 GB of more, being as 128 GB.


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