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How To Remove Blackheads With Vaseline Secret Tips

Learn about Facial cleansing at home to remove blackheads, step by step; Although we cannot totally prevent its appearance, we can prevent its proliferation to some extent, with cleanings similar to those in beauty centers.

Blackheads are the nightmare of some women, who every day fight the temptation to pinch their face to make them disappear. Those clogged pores, which are typical of combination and oily skin, are nothing more than comedones or dilatations of the hair follicle that are formed by the accumulation of sebum or keratin. Its striking dark color is due to oxidation due to contact with air.

Normally, blackheads are located in the T zone of the face (chin, nose and contour and forehead) and respond to a hormonal component, especially in terms of size and development. But, although we cannot totally prevent its appearance, we can prevent its proliferation and incidence to some extent. How? These are the steps to follow at home to combat blackheads.

How To Remove Blackheads With Vaseline

The first step: prevent

The first step to make blackheads disappear from our skin is daily cleaning. A ritual that we must perform in the morning (before applying our moisturizer) and at night (before going to bed). And, although we have not worn makeup during the day, the accumulation of sebum and impurities in the pores also contributes to the proliferation of these blackheads. It goes without saying that if we also do not properly remove the traces of makeup, the problem will certainly worsen.

Having blackheads should not be an impediment to make up your face. Of course, if we use an inappropriate makeup base, we can aggravate the problem. That is why it is important to opt for non-comedogenic makeup products, which do not clog pores. This is especially relevant when it comes to the base.

First of all, what we have to be clear about is that blackheads should not be handled in general with the hands without any hygiene measures. If we do, not only will we not be able to eliminate or reduce them, but we will also run the risk of infecting the area and causing acne breakouts. Only professionals, in qualified beauty centers, are able to manipulate these blackheads without causing skin problems. Although, if we need to do one of these cleanings at home, these would be the steps to follow.

Facial cleansing at home

First of all, we must clean our face with water and an appropriate soap that is respectful of our skin type. Ideally, do it with cold water to stimulate circulation in the area. With this step we will be able to sanitize the area to avoid possible infections.

Then we should continue with a steam bath that allows us to open the pores and unclog them. To do this we will heat water until it begins to evaporate and we will place ourselves on it at a safe distance (about 30 cm) with a towel to retain the heat. Ideally, stay like this for about 8-10 minutes.

If this technique is uncomfortable for us, we can also opt for a facial massage with the fingertips to warm the skin and facilitate the dilation of the pores. Or we can take advantage of the steam generated by taking a generous shower or applying gauze with hot water on the face for a few minutes.

Once we have managed to dilate the pores, it is advisable to exfoliate with a specific product for pores. It may be more effective to apply it with the help of a facial brush, although we can also use our hands. The purpose of this step is to wash away the accumulated impurities on the skin, although always in a gentle and respectful way with the skin.


The next step will be the extraction of the most superficial blackheads. It is essential to have very clean hands, and it is even advisable to use gloves, a pair of gauze pads or cotton swabs to carefully press the affected areas. In no case should we touch the reddened areas or that have turned into pimples. Only blackheads that have not been infected. If we prefer, we can use tools such as blackhead extractors and suckers for this task.

To soothe the skin, we will use a wash with fresh water and the subsequent application of a facial mist or appropriate tonic. It is also possible to take the opportunity to apply a mask for oily skin (such as green clay).

Once the skin is clean and calm (it may be red), we can apply the usual moisturizer to finish the process. It is even an appropriate time to apply a serum with treatment.

Useful products against blackheads

The third leg in our war against blackheads is undoubtedly that of specific products to regulate sebaceous secretion and excess keratin. To find out which products are best for us, the ideal is to go to the dermatologist, who will explain how to apply the different treatments:

– Sebum-regulating soaps for facial cleansing, an essential step to keep blackheads at bay. Also, soaps without detergents (“syndet”), which clean without drying the skin, something that is counterproductive in this type of skin.

– Micellar waters, ideal for cleaning sensitive faces at the end of the day (with or without makeup). They allow to eliminate impurities and regulate sebum without drying out the skin.

– Facial devices: the most famous, Foreo, promises the results of a professional facial cleansing, removing dirt, sebum and dead cells.

– Cleaning gloves: not only are they an ecological alternative to cotton pads, but they also allow you to clean effectively and provide a slight exfoliating effect, beneficial when it comes to preventing clogged pores. We can even find cleaning gloves designed specifically for skin with oily problems.

– Keratolytic products (those with treatment for those skin lesions caused by excess cells). We are talking about creams, lotions and masks with ingredients such as salicylic acid or glycolic. Many specific scrubs include these ingredients.

– Creams with retinal for the night, for its exfoliating power, to soften the skin. In addition, retinol controls sebum production and repairs cell structure, while reducing pore size. Due to the sensitivity that retinol creams promote, it is advisable to use a cream with a sun protection factor during the day.

– Anti-pore products, or pore reducers: they help us both to hide their appearance and to treat them. This is the case of primers, creams, mists and other specific cosmetics.

– Clay-based masks for its astringent power (to close pores). Charcoal (black masks) are also popular for their purifying effects. Of course, we must bear in mind that the facial masks that we use at home to clean blackheads are not as effective as those that are applied in aesthetic centers. And it is that their action is more superficial, so that, although they visibly seem effective, at deeper levels they are not so effective.

Therefore, the ideal is to perform a professional facial cleansing at least every three months.




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