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How to Calculate Profit And Loss In Stock Market Secret Tips

How to calculate profit and loss in stock market: I am immensely grateful to you and if you have just benefited from some of these tutorial I would consider myself blessed.

Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. In it I talked about some stocks, one of which is Hindustan Uniliver.

I published the tutorial on septembur 7, 2021, the name was “The stock market is falling, how to increase the money several times”.

If you look at the chart of Hindustan Lever now, the chart of Hindustan Lever is given in the video above. See already as I said Hindustan Lever but 2500 has crossed. Although I had no idea that Hindustan Liver would reach this level so soon.

Maybe the retreat will come down a bit in the coming days, but definitely the Hindustan Liver is in a very good place.

As of March 13, the price was around Rs 2,100 or Rs 2,200. Then I said that Hindustan Liver is not reading that way and it is in a very good place.

After that, however, Hindustan Liver comes to 1800 level. And that comes at a price of 180, for a very short time. This is 1800 or 180-60 level, but only one day went to this level, then it closed in 1838, the next day 1848 opened and went away at the price of 2000 rupees, which means that the day it came to that level it jumped to 2000. .

These days the market was very updown, there was high volatility in the stock market. The next day it closed again at 183, came to LOW. Here is another chance to buy. The next day you did not get a chance to buy, the price went straight to 2000 CLOSE.

Even then, those who could have had a chance to buy, but those who could not, missed out. Then he crossed 2500 and touched 2600 and closed at about 2480.

Hindustan Unilever has started such a deadly jump. I expected Hindustan Unilever to go 2400-2500, it will take some time. At 1800 level this stock was 3 days, but you had the opportunity to accumulate this stock at a very good price. But the moment the stock came in at this price, it jumped out the next day.

You only had this opportunity for 2 days, and those who have accumulated these have done so.

These are exactly the jackpot price that I mentioned in the previous video. These are not usually available, you got them for such a market. Below 1850, 1800 these levels are unimaginable, 600 rupees has gone up from it. Imagine those who bought at 1800 rupees will make a profit of 600 rupees per share, those who sell it here will book a profit. About 36% profit.

You may think, in just a few days, in 10 days they will get 36% return on investment in Hindustan Liver.

Not only in Hindustan Lever, but also in another stock and I said in that video, in the video released on 13th March I talked about bharat petroleum.

I was talking about Bharat Petroleum if you get 270 jackpot. See 270 – 250 but got, it was below 260 for 5 days, the share price went down to 250 (Bharat Petroleum).

Remember India Petroleum but 550 went. On 4.10.2019 the price was 550, on 20.11.2019 the price was 550, at this value, from there 270 means the price of BPCL share fell to half and less.

260 – 250 can think how low price, those who bought at this price, they have the opportunity to sell today but 350. This share may go higher in the future if you hold it, but those who do not HOLD will get a profit of about 100 rupees if you buy the shares at 250/260 rupees.

Whoever invests Rs 2.5 lakh will get a profit of Rs 1 lakh in just 10 days if he has bought shares at Rs 280-250. The more you invest, the more you will get proportionately.

Understand what I said 260 – 260 who will get very lucky, and those who know about these price levels but they buy at these prices.

Bharat Petroleum is a high-speed stock. It has good momentum and up-down within a range, such as 250/260 level but after a long time, comes after 1 / 1.5 years. So frequency but these levels do not come. It is still very good if you get below 300 or 300 in the future, buy it, invest it, you will get a lot of money in the future.

Allready how much money has been found in Bharat Petroleum as a little, (350-260) = 90/260 = 34%. Think 34% return of investment in 7 days. When such a market is still down but 34%. Not 34% but 24% -25% and if you get that too much. That is only in 8-10 days.

In 8-10 days, Hindustan Liver is giving 40%, BPCL Bharat Petroleum has got over 30%. So you can think, let’s talk about another stock. Talking about India Petroleum but I said in my previous video.

And what I didn’t say was about Lupine. Let me show you Lupine once. It’s a pharma stock, many people know, many may not know. Lupine is roughly 600 to 800 or below 800, when it comes to 650 level, I tell my students to buy, Lupine has been in downtrend for a long time.

There was a time when the price was around 1400 rupees. However, reading this way, Lupine touched 530, and the lowest price was 506, which was not available before. If you hold the price of 550, it is a very good price. Within a few days of 550, 71 had gone. Touched 550 again, went out completely, yesterday went to the highest 637, closed 804.

So imagine if someone can take inflation from 550 to 630, then their profit is going to be (630-550) = 180/550 = 32%. Those who know about these stocks can make 25% profit instead of 32. If you buy Lupine, you could get a profit of over 30% in a very short time. Lupine has given a chance several times, 560 – 550 people who have been able to buy in these places but have been able to sell at 750. Fallen again, bought again, then see where it went.

Then you can understand how much profit can be made if these stocks can be bought and kept with a little wisdom, or can be bought and sold by holding for a few days.

That’s what I said before, I said again, I am very optimistic about Hindustan Liver, 3000/4000 will go in the future. Those who can invest, will invest when they come to the floor and they will be able to make a lot of profit in the future.

I’ll be back later with some more stock.

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