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Hostgator Coupon Code 66% Off | Hostgator Web Hosting Promo (Discount)

Hostgator Coupon Code – Today I’m going to be providing you with an exclusive Hostgator promo code that will get you a Hostgator discount up to 66% OFF + a free domain name on annual plans or domain name discount for non-annual plans. To get your Hostgator coupon code discount of up to 66% off click here and you just need to enter the Hostgator promo code  CUPID60 at checkout. A little disclosure.

The link is an affiliate link, meaning I’ll receive a commission from Hostgator at no extra cost to you. Plus you’ll get an awesome Hostgator discount. Now let me walk you through the steps of getting the Hostgator discount using our exclusive Hostgator promo code.

Hostgator Coupon Code 66% Off | Hostgator Web Hosting Promo (Discount)

Once you click the link in the that link you’ll be at the Hostgator home page.

Click the get started button. You’ll now be on the Hostgator plans page.

  • You’ll see three different plans.
  • The hatchling, baby, and business plan. You’ll actually be able to get up to 66% off for each of these plans by using our exclusive Hostgator Promo Code in which I’ll cover next.
  • Go ahead and choose the plan that you would like by clicking the buy now button to proceed to the next step.
  • I’m going to choose the hatchling plan forthis tutorial.
  • Next, scroll down to the enter a coupon code section and replace the Hostgator promo code that is there with cupid60 to apply the Hostgator coupon code offer of up to 66% off.
  • Next, scroll up to choose a hosting plan. Under billing cycle you will see the Hostgatordiscount listed for the length of time you can purchase Hostgator hosting for.  you will get the greatest discount of 66% OFF on the 12-month term.

Keep in mind if you chose one of the other plans besides the hatchling plan the discounted amount will be a little different. All three plans do offer the 66% off coupon code for the 12-month term.

For all of the annual plans such as the 12months, 24 months, and 36-month terms you’ll get a free domain name. With the non-annual terms such as the 1 month,3 months, or 6-month terms you’ll get a domain name discount.

Enjoy your Hostgator Promo Code Discount to get up to 66% Off Hostgator web hosting. Alright, guys thanks for reading. Leave us a comment we love hearing from you!



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