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The first smart foot inserts hit the market ll Foot Orthotic Insoles Market


Foot Orthotic Insoles Market: The first smart foot insoles hit the market, representing a true revolution in the field of biomechanics.

For many years the gel insoles to treat all kinds of foot ailments and improve comfort when walking or playing sports.

The templates have been presented at an event in Madrid and the public has welcomed them with great enthusiasm. The event took place at Microsoft’s Global Sports Innovation Center and was presented by the CEO of Podoactiva, Victor Alfaro.

“Knowing what happens to the patient’s foot when he is out of the consultation is a true revolution in the field of biomechanics, since it allows us to have a better understanding of the footfall of our patients in their real environment”, Alfaro explained.

The technology behind

More than 500 data per second is what the application collects, which adapts the template to each person and every moment. It contains FSR-type sensors, an IMU battery and a communication module that uses Bluetooth technology to be in constant communication with the mobile application.

For all people

As the company explains well, its objective is not only to use the templates in elite athletes. They seek to reach all kinds of people and make use of them in various settings, such as scientific study, injury monitoring or people with mobility problems.

They are expected to hit the market in 5 months and be available to the general public. Emphasize that it is not necessary to have foot problems to use it.



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