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Dream host Reviews 2021 । Dream Host login ।  Dream Host Pricing। Dream Host Cpanel

Dream host Reviews 2021 । Dream Host login ।  Dream Host Pricing। Dream Host Cpanel

Dream Host: Dream Host is a reputed hosting company with over 18 years of experience in the industry that is based in California, USA. Their primary goal is, “Dream Host’s open platform gives you the power to share your data and the freedom to control how it’s used.” Yep, that’s their goal. Though I wasn’t sure what it really meant. I have included the timestamp on this tutorial, if you already have an idea of what you’re looking for, without wasting much of your time, feel free to skip it to the part you want to read.

Dreamhost pricing:

Dream Host has hosted over 1.5 million websites and is counting, and their client has great confidence in the products they are offering which includes, the cheapest and the most popular package, WordPress Hosting and website hosting with both price starting at $2.59, then VPS Hosting, WordPress Website Builder, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Domain Hosting. Our main focus for this video falls on Shared Hosting. Their most popular product that sells like hot pizzas.If you’re wondering how reputed this hosting was, according to the similar web, they serve an average of 2.6 million traffic per month, which the large majority of them are from the United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, then Brazil.
I assume you’re one of them, at least that’s what the big data is telling. Dream host proudly brags for being different from other hosting companies, they claimed themselves as Employee Owned Company.I didn’t understand what was it the first time, when the media was mentioning this termon Huawei. In the simplest form of explanation, every worker that worked for the company including the intent, owns a certain percentage of the company’s shares. That means if the company net worth increase, the workers in the company gets an extra cuts of profit.And they brag it proudly because they are trying to deliver their customer a message, our staff including the office cleaner aunty gets a share too.

Dreamhost wordpress 1:

 And they wouldn’t dare to damage the company, so you. Just get your desktop and credit card already, and pass it to us. Of course, I’m the one who interprets it, not them. The key features they felt worth celebrating with fireworks that listed on their homepage they want you to be noted are, 100% uptime guarantee, uh. Unlimited disk space, uh.. Unlimited bandwidth, uh.. 24/7 expert support, Super Easy to Use CUstom Control Panel, Expert Support on Live Chat, Free Domain Included, Fast SSD Storage, Free SSL Certificate, Free Whois Protection, Free WordPress Site Migration,97 Days Money Back Guarantee, Renewal Price Locked on Initial Bill Price, Quick AccountActivation,
One-Click Install Apps and Month to Month Hosting Plan. Let’s talk about a few features that are worth mentioning.100% Uptime Guarantee. Dream host provided something called the 100%Uptime Guarantee, which is a sort of insurance to sites owner like, maybe you, who experienced downtime with Dream Host will be compensated. This sounds new, this sounds even new to me.Upon reading the terms of service, I found this. “Customer will receive Dream Host credit equal to the Customer’s current hosting cost for 1 (one) day of service for each 1 (one)hour (or fraction thereof) of service interruption, up to a maximum of 10% of Customer’s next-paid hosting renewal fee.
(Dreamhost reviews)” That means Dream Host offers you a 1-day hosting credit for every 1 hour of service interruption! Wasn’t it amazing? Unlimited Disk Spaces & Unlimited BandwidthDream host is basically telling you, you can host a website like YouTube, where you can stack thousands of thousands of Terabytes files and they will have no issue with you.But it turned out, written on their terms of service. “you don’t have to worry about disk storage or network transfer when your site gets popular.” But “You DO still have to worry about plenty of other things though…

Dreamhost reviews

 if your site isn’t well optimized and is causing issues for others on your shared server (either because it’s pounding the CPU, hogging RAM, or doing tons of disk I/O),” At the end of the day. Abide the fair usage rules. Support.Dream host has hired many, if not thousands of robots working 24/7/365 through the chat widget. Of course, we are human and more likely to seek support from humans. And the good news is, they do offer supports from a real human, aside from the bot service, they do provide real a human live chat service working every day at a specific hour from 5.30 AM to 9.30 PM pacific time.
Additionally, they also support tickets and also host a forum to ease their clients sharing ideas on how to improve their hosting and such though, somehow it’s pretty quiet there. I’ve personally tried their support, I had an issue with the SSL certificates on my domain, my site was labeled not secured when I included the HTTPS on the link. I fired up their live chat service, telling them I’m lost why is this happening, what should I do, when will this be fixed? In a 10 minutes chat session, he solved the issue, without me being involved. Yeah, maybe the yes-no part. What I can tell, Dream Host should include this in their slogan, “We will fix your issue”, The PlumberDream Host. Just my personal suggestion.

Dreamhost cpanel:

The Super Easy To Use Custom Control PanelDream Host understands that to save more money in the longer run, they have to build their own control panel. Because the price of a cPanel license is expensive, just like a Windows license. In cPanel, we get lots of lots of different features like, we will keep it another time. But the most frequent feature we use is nothing more than File Manager, FTP Connection, SQL Database, Addon Domain, Email, Database, and One-Click Install. Other apps like CRONJobs, Ruby, or PHP Perls are for the experts. On Dream Host Control Panel, all minor features were simply off the list except the major one we talked about earlier.

Dream host login:

Anyway, the ControlPanel is on your dashboard, for any reason you’re looking for it on your first login. The FreebiesThere are a couple of freebies Dream host provides, free for life domain for every purchase of the annual hosting plan, your domain exists as long as you don’t cancel your bill. Free SSL certificate or Let’s Encrypt, the HTTPS stuff. Free Whois Protection, your domain registration information gets hidden from the public. Free WordPress Site Migration, a plugin I tried but failed. Then I have to migrate my site manually, I should have just asked Dream hostearlier. One-Click Install App Features.Compare to most cPanel hosting that support Softaculous, Dream Host’s One-Click Installhas fairly limited options.

Dreamhost wordpress 2:

But this does not exclude the popular Apps like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Zen Cart. If you’re looking to install some particularly unknown app, you have to do it manually. What are The Differences Between WordPress Hosting and Shared Hosting? Frankly speaking, it’s the same, the price is the same, the features they provided are the same as well but WordPress Hosting provided an installation of WordPress after payment is settled and verified. Just like a new computer you’ve bought. Shared Hosting is sort of like a clean install Windows, and WordPress Hosting is a clean install Windows with WordPress installed. Average Speed and Average UptimeAs a note we’re sharing a hosting server with others, quite often we may experience a fairly slow connection speed.
Upon a couple months of testing, the response rate I got by pinging to my website with a cmd.exe. The result I got for Dream Host is 235ms or 0.23 seconds per response. Meaning you said hey to someone, and that guy takes0.23 seconds to respond. Please note that the data center is located in the United States, whereby I live in the Asia Pacific. So this speed is considered incredible.The average uptime for 80 days plus hosting I got is 99.988%According to, my sites experienced 2 downtime, which is different 10 minutes on 2020, 4th of July, and 5 minutes on 2020, 26th of July. The Pros and ConsStepping forward to the Pros and Cons, what I feel good about Dream Host.
Pros:- Dream Host Supports Does Offer Solutions to your Issues.- 97 Days Money Back Guarantee. – Freebies like Free Domain, Free SSL, FreeWhois Protection. – Renewal Price Locked.- Account Activation Does Not Require Identity Proofs.- Simplified Control Panel for Beginner. – Month to Month Billing Plan, Cancel Anytime.- Able To Backup Your Entire Account – WordPress Ready Hosting- Fast Response Rate – Great Uptime. The Cons:- No Free Site Migration Service. – Not So Unlimited.- Control Panel with Limited Features. – Fairly Pricey Compare To The Industry.- No Automated or Schedule Backup For Entire Account.
Final Thoughts.What could you expect from a $5 a month hosting? With a price of 2 plates of Egg Fried Rice, you’re granted the privilege to access supports that really solve your issues. I have tried many web hosting companies, and I can tell. Dream Host is created mostly for newbies who just started website creation.Repeating the features we have talked about earlier, Freebies like Free Domain, Free SSL, Free Whois Protection, Simplified Control Panel for Beginner, Dream Host Supports DoesOffer Solutions to your Issues, Account Activation Does Not Require Identity Proofs, WordPressReady Hosting. Is sort of a paying membership card, and you get access to all privilege instantly.
Not to mention they also offered a 97 DaysMoney Back Guarantee, so if you happen you just don’t like them or just pranking, or for any reason. Just send them an email, and you’re entitled to a full refund, no question asked. If you’re worried the average speed and average uptime will gradually decrease over time, you can go for the monthly billing without getting locked in contract. Overall, the risk to host with Dream Host is fairly small compared to the reward. Thanks for reading and leave me a question if you have one, goodbye.


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