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Did you keep this password? Then be careful! Change now!

Digital transactions have increased since the Corona situation. At the same time, incidents like online fraud and hacking are increasing. In that case, setting a password correctly can increase your security several times over.

Many use passwords with their own name, nickname, family name or date of birth. Even a recent study has found that the most popular password in India is ‘Password’. But these are not intelligent works at all. State Bank of India experts have given some such suggestions regarding passwords. Passwords should be set in this way not only in banking but also in social media accounts.

How to keep the password? Here is what the State Bank of India experts have to say:

According to State Bank experts:

1. Use uppercase and lowercase letters, such as dIc! AW3P.

2. Put alphabets, numbers and symbols, all three in the password. E.g., KiP2I @ Cv

3. Keep a password of at least 8 characters.

4. Do not use any common words. E.g., password, thisismypassword, 12345678, a1b2c3d4, abcdefgh, iloveyou2.

5. As mentioned earlier, the password with family, acquaintance, pet or date of birth naib naib f.



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