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As per the instructions of the Center, reservation has also been introduced in the recruitment of teachers for senior posts in IITs

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) has made major changes in the recruitment process under the direction of the Center. This is the first time that a quota-based advertisement has been issued for appointment to a higher post (Associate Professor and Professor post).

In the past, there was no reservation for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes (OBCs) for appointment to higher posts (Associate Professors and Professorships) in any course other than Humanities and Management. In the case of junior posts (entry-level posts), IIT had the power to convert those reserved posts into general category after one year if no eligible candidate was appointed for the reserved posts. That organization had autonomy in recruitment.

According to the data tabled in Parliament by the Union Ministry of Education in 2016, out of 6,043 teachers working in IITs, only 149 belonged to Scheduled Castes. 21 were candidates belonging to Scheduled Tribes. The parliamentary committee criticized the low number of reserved teachers in the educational institutions funded by the Center. On the basis of this, in November last year, the Center also directed IITs to introduce reservations for appointments to higher posts (Associate Professors and Professorships). In addition, in the case of junior post (entry-level post), it was instructed to remove the reservation in the reserved post after one year. According to the central law, 26 per cent seats should be reserved for OBC candidates, 15 per cent for Scheduled Caste candidates and 6.5 per cent for Scheduled Tribes candidates.



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